About Our Group

The Newbury Christian Aid Group, works within the volunteers section of Christian Aid and is linked locally to 'Christians Together in the Newbury Area'. The CTNA is an alliance of co-operation and commitment and is made up of twenty nine local churches of all denominations and therefore has the support of some four thousand local Christians, as well as enjoying tremendous support from the local secular community.

Our Group, along with hundreds of others across the country, are raising much needed funds for those parts of the developing world that are suffering from severe poverty caused by floods, famine, drought, war, terrorism, injustice or excessive debt. We also help to raise funds for long term projects to help vulnerable people become self sufficient. Our efforts to raise funds and peoples awareness are more important than ever. In fact, our efforts and your support are crucial.

Christian Aid works in more than 50 countries, regardless of race or faith. It is a part of ACT International, the ecumenical network. It is also a member of DEC, the Disasters Emergency Committee, which makes national appeals in the UK.